Our mission is to equip students in a Christ-centered, academic environment where students think, live, and serve Biblically for a life of eternal significance. 


Upcoming Events
November 3 - Tuesday
10:45 AM - Chapel
November 6 - Friday
12:00 PM - Noon Dismissal
November 9 - Monday
08:00 AM - Book Fair
November 10 - Tuesday
08:00 AM - Book Fair
10:45 AM - Chapel
November 11 - Wednesday
08:00 AM - Book Fair
November 12 - Thursday
12:00 PM - Noon Dismissal
12:00 PM - Book Fair
01:00 PM - Parent Teacher Conferences
November 13 - Friday
No School
08:00 AM - Book Fair
08:00 AM - Parent Teacher Conferences
November 17 - Tuesday
10:45 AM - Chapel
November 24 - Tuesday
10:45 AM - Chapel
November 25 - Wednesday
12:00 PM - Noon Dismissal - Thanksgiving Break
November 26 - Thursday
No School - Thanksgiving Break
November 27 - Friday
No School - Thanksgiving Break
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  • Helpful Health Information for the School Year
  • 2020 State of the School Written Report
  • Scrip Gift Cards

    Hillcrest offers families an exciting program to help offset tuition! Through the Scrip program, you can earn tuition credit through your everyday purchases of groceries, gas, fast food, etc. You can buy gift cards for over 750 retailer brands you already shop at, and earn a rebate on every gift card you purchase. You receive the full value of the card, and a percentage of that total will be credited back to Hillcrest & your tuition cost. Stop in the office today and ask how you can utilize this exciting program for yourself or for a Hillcrest family. Businesses include: Service Food, Walmart, Applebees, Fleet Farm, Home Depot and many, many MORE!

The 2020-21 Morning Son School Board welcomes your suggestions & concerns.

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